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Cast a Spell

Every one of us have something we want to change in our lives. Spells are powerful pieces of magic that, when performed under the right conditions, can grant the spell caster innumerable wishes. I can help you make the positive changes you want to see in your life using the power of white magic and positive energy. Spell casting unites the law of the land with the power of the universe to bring forth positive changes that meet our desires.


Witchcraft and spells have been used throughout history for the purposes of good and evil. I exclusively use the power of white magic in my spells. Coming from a place of selflessness and benevolence these spells are designed to help the caster with aspects of their day to day life. Before spells can be cast, I require the client to undertake a reading. This will allow me to understand the intent and energy surrounding the client and subsequently allow me to cast the most relevant spells. The spells I offer come in many different forms but mostly have to do with self-improvement within the individual.


Improvement is something we all desire in our day to day lives. There is always something about us that we can make better that will lead to a happier existence. My improvement spells can help with your memory, help fight ageing and increase weight loss. If you are sick of being stagnant in reaching your goals and bettering yourself then I can help guide you through into the next stage of your life.


Love and loss are part of the human condition. Some of us however have experienced loss more than others and some may not have had a chance to love at all. I can cast real love spells that will have you on a course directly for the man or woman who is going to make your dreams come true. You deserve fulfillment that is pure with a person who was made for you so let me make you and your future partners dreams come true.


Don't leave the rest of your life up to chance when I can help you improve it today. My white witchcraft spells are going to help refocus your energy into fulfilling your goals. With only one reading I can help you lead the life you’ve always wanted to live by fulfilling your deepest desires and motivating you to reach your potential.

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The Little People

Little People are handmade for the reason you desire and can bring about positive outcomes. What makes each one different is what has been added to the mix and what the Little Person will contain. This item should only be used and possessed by adults only. I like to make it clear that this is not a child's toy. Keep them away from children!


The origin of these Little People is lost in the sands of time. Although, what is known is that an old Witch was taught by a very clever Shaman to make these Little People when she lived in the Mountains of The Moon situated in East Central Africa many years ago. It took her over four years to understand the power of these Little People. I know they work- maybe not in the way you think they will, but you must tell them exactly what your wishes are and have patience.


Spell Casting


One’s journey in life, as I like to think, is filled with positives and negatives. To ward off the negative, and bring forth positive thoughts and occurrences in life, I also provide spell casting services, with customised spells to suit your individual needs. Spells can be oriented to suit a variety of needs oriented towards, but not limited to, financial improvement, self-improvement, and love. Spells can bring forth a change in luck, improvements in cognitive ability, weight loss, and strength in love.


As a medium, I never use ‘Black Magic’. All spells which are put together will only be done so with your consent after a reading and all “do it yourself” spells are accompanied by instructions; cleansing and protection advice, how to set up an altar; Astral colours for candle magic and how to dispose of your remnants.


It is of paramount importance that you keep all spells to yourself. Don't tell anybody or your spell will lose its power.


Please note I follow the Wiccan Code of Conduct- whatever we do, whether good or bad, it will be returned to us three times greater. I am not a spell pusher and ultimately you have freedom of choice and you acknowledge that you are the architect of your own design according to your free will.