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Crystal Ball Readings & Spiritual Predictions

Gypsy Rose crystal ball

We can all sometimes find our futures clouded with doubt? Will we get that promotion at work? Will I find love? Happiness? Whatever it is let me find that missing jigsaw piece to the puzzle that is your future. I have decades of experience in accurately predicting and analysing your future, Born and raised in Sydney, I was gifted the ability to make psychic predictions at an early age. Taught by my mother and grandmother I was able to use my psychic abilities for the good of others predicting future events as a young girl. I want to help improve your life and the lives of others to ensure you go through life free from the weight of the unknown. Let me be your connection to the past, the present and the future and let me reinvigorate your life with direction and meaning.


Crystal ball readings and psychic predictions are often connected with negative witchcraft and black magic. This black magic is selfish and damaging in nature. However, I focus on white magic. My ability is based on my selfless desire to help and improve the lives of my clients. Most of us live a life of uncertainty where we wander through life not knowing where it will take us. I want to change that. There is no way for you to be certain about where your life is heading. Every day I see people riddled with anxiety about what their future will be. What if I could tell you that in as little as a single session, I can change that? Using crystal ball readings, I can help you take control of your life in the present and allow you to plan ahead using a method that is centuries old and has proven results.


Crystal ball reading is an ancient method of linking the past, present and the future. Since biblical times psychic predictions have been used to present good tidings or unfortunate incidents to come. Egyptian nobles would often use crystal ball reading for divination or seeking knowledge into the future. This knowledge allowed them the advantage of planning ahead. Much like the people performing crystal ball readings before me, my focus is on bringing certainty from the uncertain. Using a crystal ball, I'm able to tap into a higher consciousness that, through strict concentration, allows me the ability to open my mind and gaze deeply into your future. Patience is key in this process. The time it takes to perform an accurate psychic prediction will depend on the energy and the type of person I am reading. With a positive energy I can help find the answers you seek and bring peace to your mind.

Your future doesn't need to be something that causes stress and discomfort in your life. The more we spend worrying about the future the less we enjoy the present. I can help ease your mind and bring certainty back into your life. As Sydney's number one psychic contact me now and let me into your life and make a positive difference.

What if you wanted a real psychic would you look for a white witch a tarot card reader or a spell that really works?

Sydney psychic or Sydney clairvoyants do tarot card love readings and psychic predictions are spiritually channeled through the psychic clairvoyant to give spiritual healing.

Most people don’t know about candle magic or real love spells that work so they look for a white witch in Sydney. Gypsy Rose is a white witch as she is a Wiccan. Pagans are thought of to be the same there are a lot of similarities some of them do tarot card readings and some do clairvoyant predictions or psychic predictions and some white witches and pagans don’t do candle magic or spell casting at all and a lot of white witches do not do crystal ball magic or candle magic or read coffee cups, but they might do tarot card readings. To get a real psychic advice or a real clairvoyant reading, they are then seeking guidance or quantum spiritual healing. 

Gypsy Rose who is a spiritual and emotional specialist a real psychic, clairvoyant, tarot card reader. You can an appointment for a face to face private consultation for a real Sydney psychic reading or consider a psychic phone reading using your credit card for an online psychic appointment. 

Candle magic is good coffee cup readings are fun, crystal ball magic is amazing, but not all psychics and clairvoyants know how to do candle magic and or they don’t have real magic crystal balls.

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