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Ancient Divination Wisdom and Flower Readings


The present society we are have really endeavoured to make people believe that nothing like divination exist. One of the reasons for such belief is due to the largely circulated false divination. However there was much emphasis and respect for divination in ancient time. Those who practiced it then were highly respected and their practice was basically the truth. Do we still have anything like true ancient divination wisdom?


How about flower readings? Are they still telling the truth like it was in the olden days? Truly we are in the modern world where all the ancient practices are becoming obsolete. Even those that uphold the true practices are rarely noticed due to widely distributed false divination and readings.


What is divination?

Divination is the act of seeking knowledge by supernatural means. It is a means of getting information about the future or discovering the unknown through oracles, supernatural gifts or omens. The act of divination varies from one region to another, but they all realize the same symbolic key to interpret the meaning of physical events.

Divination recognizes the important link between the outer reality and our mind. Through the ancient divination wisdom we do not see ourselves as remote beings, instead as a part of a united universe and absolute knowledge can be found by analysing the phenomenal of the material world.


The earliest evidence of divination was dated 7,000 BC in Wuyang, China. Archaic symbols were written on excavated turtle plastron, then cracked with fire. In ancient Chinese culture they believe that turtle is the animal that carries the whole universe on its back.


The ancient divination is very popular to Greeks. In fact, they were the first people to prove divination, and Greece is known as the homeland of Oracles. The Oracles are very important in the sense that they enable us to communicate with the spirits. Divination wisdom is very important in our everyday life as it helps us understand the physical world and the things around us.


Flower readings

Do you want to know your path and heal completely from all your spiritual imbalances? Flower readings will reveal the state of your life and heals you. The essence of flower readings is to reveal your true nature. It lets you know your path and shows you that you are more than the physical and mental presence of your body.


The readings help determine your strengths and weaknesses and provide accurate information for the personality of the holder, including the soul’s purpose, reasons for incarnation, and current issues. Like other forms of psychic readings, it may reveal the information about your past life, bodily illnesses, imbalances, and tube attachments.


A typical flower reading requires you to bring a flower that has been touched by only you. This is what the reader needs in order to perform the readings. Once the flower reading is complete a brief spiritual energy is also provided for the person. The results of your readings are accurate and provide information about your life.


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