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Metaphysical Healing


The mind, body, and soul are connected by an enduring and transcendent bond. Are you feeling unwell? Generally sluggish or not at your best? Are you suffering from physical or emotional pain? My faith healing services are founded on metaphysical healing practices that have been used for centuries to harmoniously unite the mind, body, and soul in tranquillity.


As a healer, I specialise in manipulating the omnipresent energy which surrounds us to produce curative effects to relieve you of your ailments and restore your confidence.

Espousing in metaphysical healing does not signify a rejection of western medicine. It simply puts forth the notion that curing physical conditions; the by-products of negative thought and mental patterns, does not solve the root cause of the condition. I believe that because of the definitive connection between mind, body, and soul, the mind must be healed for the body to be in a healthy state. If you are seeking a healthy and enriching existence free from negativity and the physical by-products arising from misalignments of the mind, body, and soul; straying from positivity and purity, faith healing can prove to be vital for you.

My faith healing gift allows me to examine your metaphysical system for any impurities that could manifest in physical conditions such as back pain. Commonly, sufferers of back pain share a common concern about money which is intrinsically connected to support in the representative sense. Herein the negative mental thought process concerning money leads to physical conditions.


All healing begins with the mind. Your mind must be relieved of all negative thought; you must open yourself up to become receptive to streams of healing. Negative mental patterns; state of mind, can induce physical disease and illness, however once these patterns are reversed you will begin the process of healing your body and soul. Ultimately, the aim is to replace negative patterns of thought with positive patterns, so as to facilitate the transition into a true state wherein the mind, body, and soul are free from any inhibition which could prove restrictive to your overall wellbeing.


Faith healing is largely self-dependent, and you, as an individual, act as your own healer. You are responsible for your own wellbeing, and your thoughts can lead to both illness or health.


Anger, depression, resentment, and guilt are often the largest triggers for damage to health. It is understandably difficult to overcome such emotions, especially when dealing with personal trials and tribulations which are straining and challenging. However, I am here to help.

In transitioning away from the negative thoughts weighing you down, I can apply my knowledge and guidance, spiritually informed by my clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities to offer support; ensuring you reach a state of purity and balance where you are at one with your mind, body, and soul. As a true faith healer, I will use my spiritual gift, expertise, and experience to restore your metaphysical system to a balanced and harmonious state; steering you towards positivity, self-love, and forgiveness.

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Raising your Consciousness

Things to Know about Spiritual Enlightenment


Human beings are created and enlightened not to live in the darkness but light. We are in a world of possibilities and surrounded by spirit beings. If someone should mention spiritual enlightenment in the general public people stare at such person and suggest they are evil, they forget or are not conscious that enlightenment is sacred. Whatever the meaning you might attach to spiritual enlightenment; the actual and most precise definition is the realization of our true nature.

After all the darkness and negativity, spiritual enlightenment opens your heart to the whole world and makes you realize your true value. Enlightenment is not just about knowing the ancient secrets of Mayans, releasing your ego, or being happy at any moment. Moreover, it is not about thinking that you are enlightened. It’s a lot more than what you think.

Being enlightened spiritually means releasing yourself from government and societal bondage and realising the truth of the physical system.

Why must you be enlightened spiritually? The truth is that you need to release your ego. There’s no way you can know everything that exists, but if you think you do, then you will not learn new things and grow. By sticking to the same old ideas of your own, you will remain stagnant and nothing new will come your way.

What spiritual enlightenment does is like what you gain from strong devotion and meditation. Whether you like it or not, you must learn and gain knowledge. When learning you must also know the source of the information. Spiritual enlightenment releases your ego and helps you realize your true nature by using sacred meditation processes.

Everything that makes a man is within him, and you can only achieve your inner library through sacred meditation and by communicating with nature. The words we speak in prayers is directed to the spirits and they in turn favour us by providing our requests.

If truly you want to be successful spiritual enlightenment is probably the surest and easiest way to achieve it.

Every individual is endowed with spiritual strength that can prevail over any obstacle in life. However, the physical body is made to be distracted by difficulties. This contradicting factor can make it difficult for someone to actualize his or her real value. Because of this, spiritual enlightenment will give you strength to cope and realize your dreams. Without positive energy and spiritual empowerment, it will be difficult for a person to attain success.

Spiritual empowerment doesn’t have to be associated with religion. If your consciousness is inspired by positive things around you, you can achieve spiritual enlightenment and get whatever things you want in life. 

Another way you can benefit from spiritual enlightenment is if you are having difficulty to carry on in life. Some people are so desperate and might have a tendency for suicide and other dangerous vibes that lurk within them. If such persons are not enlightened, they may end up on the wrong path.

Through spiritual enlightenment, several problems can be solved and beautiful paths open.

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