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The Little People

One of the services that I offer are the creation of the Little People. These Little People are handmade and are unique to each person. I would like to provide you with some more detail on the history and purpose of these fascinating beings as well as how they can improve your life.

What are The Little People?

When you think of the Little People what comes to mind? Mythical creatures, heroic warriors or even mythical gods probably aren’t the first thing that come to your mind, right? Well today let's learn about the Little People, formerly believed to be the pagan gods of Ireland and heavily embedded in pagan folklore. The Little People are seen as a folklore and are a part of many cultures including the Irish, Native Americans, Greece, Hawaiian Islands, Native Americans and others. The Little People revolve around the precognitions of Leprechauns, fairies, elves, and more. The story that I was passed down to me was the story of an old Witch that was taught by a very clever Shaman to make these Little People when she lived in the Mountains of The Moon in East Central Africa many years ago. It took her over four years to understand what all these Little People could do. Because the story of the Little People transcends through many cultures, the stories differ depending on where they are told. What the Irish say about the Little People will be very different to the Native Americans interpretation. All these stories have been passed down from generations and have been going on for centuries now.

So what do I do?


Each Little Person I make is completely individual and personal to you - no Little Person is the same. The materials that go into making the Little Person as well as what goes inside it are completely unique to you. Not to mention that the process can take a few days but the end result is definitely worth it. The way that these things work is that they are only intended to fulfil one purpose and one purpose only. The only way for them to work is if you tell them exactly what you wish for.

However, these Little People might not work in the way you might think. It’s funny how life can be, sometimes when we want something to happen really badly it happens to us in a way that we don’t expect. A lot of times, we don’t even realise it happened at all! That’s why it is always important to live life with an open mind and try to constantly appreciate the little things that happen around us.

Little People are known to have a connection to nature, the deceased as well as the protection of children. Have you ever experienced a spirit or apparition coming to you at night or have heard stories of someone seeing a deceased relative? This is an example of Little People. Nevertheless, one common belief is that the Little People cause distractions in order to cause mischief and are sometimes known for pulling pranks on humans. You wouldn’t know if they are doing it or if it’s just an accident. Have you ever heard someone singing but then you can’t find anyone and when you try finding the music or a person you can’t find anything. This is just some of the things that Little People do. Cheeky, I know!


The Little People place an emphasis on teaching about ecological and spiritual balance as well as a deep love and respect across species and social justice. Little People promote the sensible and well-respected use of life and land through rewards and fears. So call or contact me today if you would like one of these Little People of your own to help you achieve your purpose in life.

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