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The Myths And Misconceptions of Witchcraft

Common Depictions

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The first thing that comes to somebody’s mind when you say the word witch is a woman who is wearing a black dress, a pointy hat and a bumpy nose who is stirring an eye of newt into her bubbling cauldron over an open fire. I hate to break it to you, but that is not the case. They are not the same kind of witches you see in American Horror Story, Hocus Pocus or The Wizard of Oz. You shouldn’t believe all the depictions you see on television. In fact, what many people might not even realise is that many Wiccan are actually men! There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Wicca and the beliefs associated with it. Many people back in the 1500’s believed in witchcraft. When you think of witches you probably think of women. But around 25% of witches were actually men and still are! As a White Witch, I would like to educate you all about the myths and misconceptions that many people have in regards to witches. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two along the way.

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Contrary to Outdated Belief

eye with roses

If you look closely at what Wiccans actually believe in you will see that they do not believe in or worship the devil. The main reason people think this is based on the fact that the religion uses the pentagram. The reality is, however, is that according to Wiccan beliefs the pentagram represents the four elements of earth, air, fire and water working in complete harmony to create the fifth element of the spirit. Wiccans don’t believe in the Devil, Satan or Lucifer. That means that Wiccans don’t believe in going to hell or that it even exists.

If the Pentagon is turned so that the point is not centred and facing up, the position representing spirit, then it is considered Satanic. When the point is facing directly up and centred, this is not the case. White Witches have nothing to do with Satan. We do not believe in a Devil, they believe everything is of God.

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Wiccas Connection to Nature

It could be said that every religion has a small percentage of people that practice dated or unorthodox traditions. With that said, there are some small groups within the Wiccan community that do participate in naked rituals but it is not sexual, it is merely an expression of ones closeness to nature. Wicca has a large emphasis on combining the spiritual world with the natural elements. This is supported by the five points on the Wiccan pentagram which symbolise the natural elements of earth, air, fire, water as well as the fifth element of the self/spirit. At its core, Wicca is a nature-based religion where it’s adherents believe in not harming any living thing. So there are no animal sacrifices or harming of any animals whatsoever. Wiccan’s are polytheistic so if there are any offerings or sacrifices that take place, this would be done using things such as bread, fruits and wine to one of their chosen deities.

Wiccan was recognised as a religion in Australia in 1976. Historically it was illegal to be considered a witch, dating back to the Inquisition which began during the 12th century. Witches were, and remain, natural healers and burnt at the stake after being charged with heresy. Witches are freethinking non-conformists and believe in free will. They were condemned by Christian Dogma. Heresy by its very nature cannot co-exist with the truth.

No Black Magic Here!

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When you think about witches and witchcraft you probably assume that they are spiteful people who are looking for any excuse to place curses and hexes on people they don’t like. Wicca is a religion based on witchcraft traditions. However, that doesn’t mean it is a religion full of people practicing black magic that is aimed to harm other people. Although “magick” does exist, contrary to popular belief these spells can take many forms such as through prayer and the mindfulness to put things out into the universe and will them to manifest. These aim to have healing effects, personal empowerment and prosperity. Wiccans like to do things ethically and follow something they call the “Law of Threefold” which leads them to believe that whatever they do, good or bad, will be returned to them threefold. So, in fact, Wiccans are incentivised to do good by the world around them otherwise any negative actions will have severe negative repercussions. That is why that any magic that I do is only white magic that is used to improve the lives of my clients.

So if you are interested in exploring white magic then come book a consultation with me. I specialise in white magic spells and provide you the tools that can give you the necessary steps in improving your life.

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