Private Consultations



Many people are excited to have a private consultation with a real psychic reader, but they can also be apprehensive as there can be a fear factor involved for many people, they worry that they will be told something scary or things they don’t want to hear.

So please allow me to gently guide you through the process of the service you can expect to receive from me during your psychic, clairvoyant, spiritually channelled, tarot card reading. You will quickly come to understand that there is absolutely nothing to fear at all.


Born a natural highly gifted Empath, clairsentient (meaning I feel the pain of others on a very deep level) I have dedicated over 38 years helping countless people from all walks of life to overcome their trials and tribulations without prejudice or judgement.


 I recognise that the world seems to be spinning faster as we enter the quickness of modern times. It may seem for many that no one around them has the time to be emotionally available, there is a definite energy shift as many feel detached, misplaced and lonely. Fear of attachment is at its core, something governed by ego. There has never been a time in humanity where we, as humans, have craved love and affection and needed it more. We are tired, empty and hungry for it.

 As I draw from my own life experiences with the help of my spirit guides “Whispering Wisdom” not only am I your psychic reader, I am your Transformational Life Coach. In service to uplift, enlighten, enrich and empower you as I reconnect you to your true divinity. 


All things exist for sure, but the purpose of my intent is to bring you from your darkness back into the light. This can only be done by acknowledging the negatives and turning them into positives. Together with the help of my spirit guides “Whispering Wisdom” You and I must know where you have been in order to help you to see where you’re at and discover where you’re going. Whilst acknowledging your pain validation is at the fore front, followed by inspiration that will catapult you into everlasting change. 


 Out of something bad must come something good, so let’s focus on this and find out what greatness is in store for you. As your psychic reading is only to serve your highest good with truth, love and respect. It will restore your faith, offer comfort and inspire your future.


Firstly, you will be warmly greeted with a friendly smile, as I invite you inside my humble home you will be captivated by the enchantment of my reading room. It is uniquely inspired and decorated with old world vintage charm that reflects the charisma of yesteryear.  It’s like sitting inside a one of a kind Tarot Card. This is where you are safe, warm and loved. Time stands still and the outside world ceases to exist for a moment in time.


I ask you not to tell me anything. I will shuffle the cards and ask you to tell me when to stop. I will choose 7 random tarot cards from the deck. I will then do your layout and spread the remaining cards; I then choose 2 more cards. It is now that I ask you to be patient, it is of paramount importance that you refrain from talking to me. Understand that I will not be looking at you as I channel my focus on you 100%. It is in this time that I step aside from myself and allow spirit to take control. I never know what they will give me for you, past, present, future perhaps a bit of everything as all is revealed.

I will add all the remaining cards from the deck randomly, one by one, as I channel your story.


It’s a massive psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient download spiritually delivered to my mind, I must verbally interoperate this information for you, usually my mouth cannot go as fast as the information I am receiving. Most of my clients are speechless as they cannot believe what they are witnessing with the experience.

tarot-The Star.jpg

The next step is to recollect the cards and go through them again only this time you can talk as much as you like as I invite you to fire as many questions as possible at me. I will be interacting with you on all levels. It is now that we find all the answers to your burning questions. At the same to we want to resolve as many issues as possible and knock out any blockages hindering your life. You can trust that this is all delivered with compassionate excellence.


After your comfortably seated I will offer you a cup of Turkish coffee, this is served in a small cup, it is sweet and delicious, It’s not compulsory to accept it but I will read the bottom of your cup after I have done your psychic clairvoyant reading using the tarot cards to focus spiritually channelled information.

During this time, I will get straight to the heart centre of your problems. It’s important for you to know that I am an empath and a psychic reading is usually very emotionally deep. It’s healthy for you to release as your tears wash away your pain. I will validate you, as I gently guide you, hug you or hold you, whatever it takes to help spiritually heal your heart.


Your welcome to handpick a flower on the day of your private consultation and bring it along with you (it’s a good idea to wrap the flower in paper) it is very important that no one else touches your flower. I will get you to hold it in the palm of one hand and cover your flower with your other hand, I then instruct you to close your eyes for a moment or two. I then ask you to pass your flower over to my hand where I have my eyes closed also. I then wave the flower across my closed eyes and I can see your aura colours. Each colour represents a meaning and I will interpret the meanings, I will then feel your flower pause for a moment and by using my gift of clairsentience deliver an important spiritual message for you.


Also, on the day your welcome to bring along a photo of someone you love. It’s ok if it’s in your phone so long as I can see the persons eyes clearly. Psychically I can see a lot about a person by looking into their eyes.
It is a good idea to write a list of questions as you may be more than likely to forget why you came, after being mind blown by the overwhelming accuracy of Gypsy Rose's psychic reading.

Merry shall we meet in the light of love

Many blessings

Gypsy Rose

P. S. You’re welcome to record your psychic reading. However, you must have your own device.