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Psychometry And Token Object Readings

Psychometry, more commonly known as token-object reading, can help you clarify life’s misdirection’s and troubles. Gain deep insights into yourself, your direction in life, and deal with life’s ups and downs in the best way possible whilst being uplifted, enlightened, enriched and empowered.


Heal yourself from spiritual imbalances by allowing your state of life to be revealed. The purpose of these readings is to unveil your true nature and show that you are more than the physical and mental presence of your body. We are all spirits having a physical experience.


During psychometry readings, I harness my clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities, to generate insights into your individual circumstances. Through the power of the spirit, I will pick up visions, thoughts, and impressions by channelling emotions, scents and sounds imprinted into an object owned solely owned by you.

Psychometry readings can be conducted on a variety of objects, including flowers, photos, mementos, heirlooms and any other object of great significance towards yourself. However, objects which have only ever had one owner are more indicative and offer greater insights.


For flower readings, I ask people to pick a flower on the day; do not let anyone else touch it, as this will affect the vibration. It is a good idea to wrap it in paper. I will ask you to hold it in the cup of your hands, when I feel the time is right, I will then ask you to hand me your flower. I will wave your flower across my eyes; I will get a picture of your aura colour(s). After explaining what this means I will deliver a message from spirit.

Psychometry, coined from the Greek words psyche and matron, meaning soul and measure respectively, is steeped in history. First coined by Joseph R. Buchanan in 1842, it is based on the notion that impressions exist in all objects, as left by previous actions, thoughts and events that have occurred in the past. These impressions can often grant individuals access to that which is typically unseen.


If you are seeking peace of mind and freedom from negative energy, psychometry is an extremely powerful tool and can be applied to resolving conflicts in all aspects of life, including, but no limited to, financial, personal, physical, family, relationships, and careers.


Psychometry readings can help you determine the purpose of your soul and the reasons for your incarnation, by identifying strengths and weaknesses and providing accurate information about the personality of an object's holder. Psychometry, like other forms of psychic reading, may also reveal information about your past life and imbalances.


My psychometry services are genuine, accurate, effective and proven. You are invited to review previous testimonials from satisfied clients within Australia, and worldwide. See what others have to say about the deep insights they gained from my psychometry services and try it out for yourself.

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