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Gypsy Rose


 Call me now!
Private Consultations
$100  for 30 minutes
$3.30 per minute thereafter
Appointments essential
Credit Card Phone Readings
$61.25  for 15 minutes
$3.95 per minute thereafter
Calls from Australia
0405 192 225
Monday - Saturday (Sunday closed)
My Address is
28 Hancott Street
Ryde Sydney
NSW 2112 Australia
International service:
New Zealand / United Kingdom:
Calls from cell phones +61 405 192 225
($3.95 per min Credit Card Required)
United States:
Calls from cell phones +61 405 192 225
($3.95 per min Credit Card Required)

Gypsy Rose

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot Card Readings.

Hi. Congratulations, you have come to the right place.  Looking for a down to earth, genuine psychic reading then don't tell me anything, it's my job to tell you. C/C phone readings welcome or private consultations.
What you can expect is to be warmly greeted; you may feel that you have known me for a long time.

1. On the day of your appointment I ask you to pick a flower. I will read your aura and deliver a message from spirit.

2. Bring along a photo of someone you love. The eyes are the windows to the soul so I need to clearly see them.

3. I will make you a delicious Turkish coffee and read the bottom of your cup.
I do all of the above after I have read your Tarot cards.

Let me work my magic for you, during your reading you will notice yourself beginning to heal, you will notice big differences, uplifting your spirit, empowering and enriching your life, awesome changes. Positive energy will be restored.

 Most importantly you will know you are safe, warm and loved.
Respecting that your time is important please don't hesitate to call me all enquiries are welcome.
Lets break the chains that bind you! I can help you so much as I have countless others.

Healing people from all walks of life, without prejudice or judgement.
My mission is to help people in their darkest hours and lead them back to the light.
Have you lost your way?  Is there no one you can confide in?
Do you suffer with anxieties about your future? Do you have relationship issues?
Are you thinking of dating, marriage or commitment?
Maybe you need conflict resolution.
Are you thinking of a career change?
Set yourself free from whatever has been holding you back, so that you too can take a quantum leap into a passionate and fulfilling life.
I AM only a phone call away 0405192225
Please have a wonderful day full of joy, blessings and gratitude, in the Light of Love

Gypsy Rose
Spells & candle magic available.   NO BLACK MAGIC

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