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Congratulations, you found me!
You're more than welcome here
Your heart is more than safe

I have been providing psychic, clairvoyant and tarot card readings for over 40 years and have never stopped loving the opportunity it gives me to spiritually heal people.

My psychic clairvoyant readings are channelled through me from Whispering Wisdom - I call my guides this, because I trust all the information they channel through me as it is so accurate and full of wisdom.

I respect that your time is valuable and during your psychic reading with me you will know that you have made the right decision - choosing me to deliver exactly what you need to hear and know.


Emotional appeal

Every journey from pain and darkness to light and love is special and unique. It is my responsibility to uplift your heart, raise your consciousness to new heights of enlightenment and empower you with the tools you need to handle your trials and tribulations.

Together with the help of my spirit guides you can feel secure that your heart is more than safe with me. We respect your truth and with my assistance we will gently guide you and set you free from heartache, confusion and despair with love.

Background & History

I myself am a descendent of Scottish migrants. My Great Grandmother and Great Aunties were practicing Spiritual mediumship and became accustomed to hosting many séances in Balmain and the Blue Mountains.

Visiting the Blue Mountains was a yearly ritual full of family tradition and it served as reunion for us. My mother was a gifted psychic and in her dreams people from the other side would come to her and give messages to deliver to friends and loved ones in this realm.


A gifted child becomes a confused adolescent, and then a young adult. The realization of the difference between a daydream and a vision is the missing piece to the jigsaw puzzle.


The illumination process to enlightenment transforms the individual into a psychic Seer (person of supernatural insight and visions). Being a wise one is their destiny. Unconditional love is their divine gift.

Acceptance of all the gifts; being psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and empath enables them to be quantum healers of the highest and most empowered. Together with the ancient art of tarot card reading their psychic predications will fascinate and amaze.

From my heart to yours!

Time and again I have searched for you,
not knowing it was me I needed to find.
The search coupled with the belief
that someone else was my ticket to happiness,
Led me down many dark alleys.
But when I found myself there was no void.

- Gypsy Rose

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