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Are you looking for an amazing enlightening experience?

Detailed below is what I provide.

You will be invited in to my home where time stands still and the outside world ceases to exist for a moment. The reading room is decorated with Old world vintage charm to promote a soft, safe, warm, and loving atmosphere.

Send a SMS to the number below in order to schedule a date and time for a private consultation. I will be sure to get back at my earliest convenience. 

I am not available on Sundays and do not have time to listen to or respond to voice messages. Use the button below to contact me via WhatsApp or simply use regular SMS. 


Psychic Reading Process

As I shuffle the Tarot cards I ask you not to tell me anything except when to stop, before selecting 7 cards at random. Please understand I won't look at you as I draw your energy into the Tarot card deck to create a layout and spread the remaining cards.

From here I then select 2 more cards and begin the process of stepping aside from myself to allow the spirit guides to take the lead. I don't know what I will receive for you in regards to the past, present, and future; possibly a bit of everything.


The information I do receive however is a large download to my mind that I interpret verbally. Most of my clients are speechless because they cannot believe they are witnessing such accuracy. My speech struggles to keep up with the speed of this incoming information!

Please note: I recommend writing down a list of burning questions to make sure you get all your answers.

Question time

What follows from here is I recollect the cards and work through them again, however on this occasion you can fire your relevant questions at me as I interact with you on all levels.

So, the exciting bit: it is here we find all the answers to all your burning questions. Simultaneously we work to resolve issues where possible and clear through blockages hindering your life – all of which is handled with compassionate excellence.


*Spells are available on request at my discretion, however you must have a reading first.

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