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Gypsy Rose Reviews

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Had my first phone physic interview with Gypsy and she really did nail what was going on for me in the first 5 minutes. Great insight into what is going to happen and wonderful sense of knowing how to give the right advice. Thanks Gypsy Rose


Paylec Electrical

Doesn't ask you any questions about yourself, Gypsy Rose reads the cards and tells you what's happening and why. Incredibly accurate and honest, almost confronting.



Wise reader. Accurate reading about my past and present. Very calm and comfortable and safe feeling in her home. Would really recommend. Would see her again.


Lynn McQui

Had a phone reading with Gypsy Rose 12/1/15. On first shuffle she went direct to the heart of my question. Wow! No questions asked. Amazing! I will be going for a home reading sometime in the future. This lady's abilities are real.



Omg I went to see Gypsy Rose & I tell u she hit the nail right on the head the things she told me & doesn't know me at all words cannot describe how accurate she is I would recommend gypsy Rose to who ever needs it. She was unreal fantastic gotta tell u driving home I started crying that's how good she is.



I just had an amazing face to face experience reading with Gypsy Rose. Before going to see her, I was feeling lost in life. I was bored in my current job and wanted to know if there is any purpose to life !!

She would not ask me any questions on the first card reading and was spot on. Immediately, I was so amaze and a little overwhelmed how accurate she was.

I will defintely be back for more of Gypsy Rose.



Lynn McQui

Had a phone reading with Gypsy Rose 12/1/15. On first shuffle she went direct to the heart of my question. Wow! No questions asked. Amazing! I will be going for a home reading sometime in the future. This lady's abilities are real.



What a wonderful experience. And spot on I didn't even tell gypsy rose anything and she knew what was happening in my life.. I will be back as she have me so much peace of mind and I felt so welcome and comfortable in her home.



Gypsy Rose is authentic, accurate and pragmatic. Within seconds on me mentioning that my husband was considering seeing her for a reading - Gypsy Rose had relayed accurate and detailed information regarding his situation. She was extremely helpful with my own circumstances and I have no doubt she would offer much insight to anyone who consulted with her. She has very generously shared her life story on her website, which I recommend you read, as it is very humbling and certainly explains her wonderful empathy.



After my last relationship I literally lost it. I was depressed and needed help, someone who will bring me back my self esteem and confidence. Gypsy Rose gave me all that and much more. She gave me compassion, listened to my problems with patience and gave me extraordinary life advises. I have never known how words and different thoughts and aspects on your life can help you. She is amazing professional. After the sessions I felt inspired and back on track, thanks to this wonderful psychic. Totally recommended to anyone!



Gypsy Rose gave me the most accurate reading I've ever received. I felt very welcomed the minute I walked through the door and whilst on the phone. I'm so grateful that I found Gypsy Rose and got to experience the reading. Would definitely recommend Gypsy Rose to anyone looking for a positive, accurate and uplifting reading!



Rose was warm, welcoming and comforting. She made you feel comfortable and relaxed and broke the atmosphere with laughter. She was direct and to the point and at times mother with her advice and spot on with her psychic skills.


Belinda Westaway

I had the best reading from Gypsy Rose. She was extremely accurate and I got the job she said was waiting for me. Gypsy Rose also forewarned me of a white car that my son would buy that would bring bad news. At the time he had no car, upon my return from overseas he had brought a white car. I didn't say anything to my son about it only to be careful although I did worry as I wasn't sure what trouble it would bring. Since he brought the car he had never had so much bad luck and thankfully it was stolen. I was grateful for it to be gone.
Gypsy Rose also warned me against moving which I really wanted to at the time. I'm glad I didn't with the rise in rental property costs.
Im very happy with my reading and she made me feel very welcomed and at ease. Would definitely recommend her to anyone who is considering a reading. Sydney’s finest.
Thanks Gypsy Rose


Lynette Gordon
I consider Gypsy Rose one of the most gifted clairvoyants I have met. She is not only incredibly accurate, but an incredibly genuine, caring, wise and loving person. Many may psychically pick up certain things, but few are gifted with a depth of wisdom and empathy that can offer clarity, guidance and reassurance in such a supportive way. Gypsy Rose's warmth and humour make a session with her not only a healing experience but also a delight.

It was really an eye opening experience, Gypsy Rose is caring and very intuitive. I was extremely troubled about something and she helped me understand why I had these emotions. She also enlightened on what the future could be that will make me a more whole and happy person. She made me feel extremely comfortable and clam I felt like she was a friend that knew me, I don't generally need to clarify everything to lol.


Jessie Johnson
I'm fighting with depression from time to time and I lose motivation for work, and life in general, very often. I have contacted Gypsy Rose after a suggestion from a friend and this is truly one of the greatest decisions I have made in the last few months. She has helped me a lot, I feel very comfortable when I talk to her. She is very kind and highly professional. Rose can give you power, the sessions with her truly empowered me to move forward with my life. Her accuracy was so profound that it astounded me. All in all, Rose is one of the best psychics that I have ever visited. I totally recommend her to anyone.



I've been a regular client of Gypsy Rose for 9 years.

Gypsy Rose is one of the best psychic reader I've ever met. Her reading is extremely accurate and precise that it amazes me every time. I don't even need to explain my current issues, she already knows. Especially her Tarot readings about the near future is amazingly accurate, with every detail and timeframe. She also lifts my energy up and by the end of the session I always feel enlightened and able to see my situations more clearly. Not to mention that she is a wonderfully charming person who is always welcoming, and the reading room is beautifully decorated with antiques that you'll feel like you're surrounded by angels.

I highly recommend Gypsy Rose. You should really give her a ring!



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