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Spiritual healing with the frequency of divine energy shift.

The process

Gypsy Rose steps aside from herself to psychically channel psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient messages, allowing her spirit guides Whispering Wisdom to enter through the high frequency of the divine light, which brings the awareness of infinite consciousness into the physical world.

How it works

Psychics abilities lie in being able to see past, present and future. There are many aspects that go into a psychic reading; these include prophetic vision, telepathy, psychic dreams, second sight or third eye vision.

Simply put, it’s the ability to see beyond the veil and explain a scenario/situation/position with clarity by manifesting spiritual guidance and insights straight to your heart centre delivered with love and respect.

This enables spiritual healing on a physical and emotional level, cleansing the auric field. You will feel grounded and centred, with a raised consciousness to an awareness that expands your own intuitive abilities and increases your faith in life and inspires you.

The Outcome

In the space of “light concentration” a permanent transformation occurs. This is where love and clarity is experienced as the essence of your true divinity, reconnecting you back to oneness through the mirror of your soul.

Whispering Wisdom.jpeg

Important things to note

  • How do you get the best from it? Prepare questions ahead because you may forget.

  • Voice or video calls are welcome (WhatsApp and FaceTime is OK)

  • Hours of Operation are Monday - Sunday. 9am-11:30pm (closed Sundays)

  • Preferred payment methods: Credit card or EFT, Bank transfer (Osko/PayID)

  • Please contact me via text if the line is busy (do not leave voice messages)

Phone Service


$25 / 5 minutes

$5.00 per minute thereafter
(most clients start with 10 minutes)

Are you curious about what life may have in store for you?
With my psychic readings questions can be answered leaving you more connected and empowered.

Face to face reading


$120 / 20 minutes

$5.00 per minute thereafter

Are you looking for an amazing one-on-one experience?
You will be invited in to my home where time stands still and the outside world ceases to exist for a moment of your day. The reading room is uniquely decorated with Old world vintage charm to promote a soft, safe, warm, and loving atmosphere.

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