Gypsy Rose tarot card reading
Gypsy Rose tarot card readings
gypsy rose tarot readings

Psychic Reading & Private Consultations

Seeking to unearth insights into your past, present, and future? Let your mind, body, and spirit journey clearly into the beyond with a variety of psychic services available in various formats shaped to suit your lifestyle and needs. My services can be delivered through various mediums including face to face, over the phone or on live video chats.


As a professional medium, psychic, clairvoyant, reader, I provide experienced and spiritually informed psychic readings off psychometry and multiple modalities; tarot cards, flowers, coffee cups, photos, decision dice. Ultimately, the aim is to provide you with the clarity and peace of mind needed to navigate the ever-changing world and over come your trials and tribulations.


All facets of your life can be explored and made clearer to you as my clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities allow me to specialise as a Transformational Life Coach, combining  neuroplasticity, metaphysical spiritual healing, bereavement counselling, candle magic, and crystal ball magic as I channel spirit guides and harness their wisdom to gain cognitive insight into the beyond. Insight into the past present and future, all is revealed.


Make the call and watch it happen.


Private Consultations V Psychic Clairvoyant Phone Readings.

There is a lot of controversy regarding the difference of a psychic clairvoyant phone reading and a private consultation.

I’d like to clarify the difference on this as it is a real issue to most people as they have trouble wrapping their mind around it.

Most people ask the question “But how is it even possible for a psychic clairvoyant to do a tarot card reading over the phone and still be able to deliver the psychic reading so spot on?”

To most of you I know this may come as a bit of a surprise. The truth is there is no difference to the clarity of psychic clairvoyant tarot card phone reading at all, except for the fact that you haven’t had to take time out of your own comfort zone, go through all the hustle of travelling through the hectic Sydney traffic only to be unnecessarily exhausted on arrival.

It’s difficult to explain my accurate Psychic Clairvoyant gifts and how I am spiritually guided. I will pick up on your voice, it will lead me straight to your heart centre and most of the time it’s either instantly or within a couple of quick minutes. It’s almost like I have been thrown the keys to your heart, I am then totally 100% in sync with you and your heartache, I feel your pain and I am spiritually guided by Whispering Wisdom to tell you what you need to hear in the most gentle, respectful and kindest possible way.

I usually get a massive download and then everything starts to evolve. I can never know whether that will be past present or future or a bit of all of it but no matter what we will get all your questions answered. 

I encourage you to trust the honesty and love delivered to you through me from Whispering Wisdom, they have never let me down and they will never let you down. They spiritually connect me to you innate divinity.

Private Consultations Tarot Card Readings and what to expect.

Many people love the idea of a private consultation, they adore the idea of meeting me and sitting with me in a unique environment. I make sure it’s an experience to be remembered by warmly welcoming all who come to see me.

Most people are pleasantly surprised at my salt of the earth personality, the take solace in the fact that I am obviously not faking it.

I really embrace the opportunity to be of service to those in need of more than just your typical run of the mill tarot card readings. I instinctively know you need so much more than just a blasé reading not worth a cracker. Here with me you will get the respect you deserve. An authentic Psychic Clairvoyant Reading. The Tarot Cards for me are a great tool for grounding and focus, opening the floodgates to channelling Whispering Wisdom.

I always give 100% of myself to be spiritually guided by Whispering Wisdom and connect to you as I step aside from myself and allow Whispering Wisdom to work their spiritual magic through me, it’s always such a loving and rewarding experience. Especially if we are blessed for you to have someone from the other side visit us and spiritually hug us, it’s just awesome but I cannot promise this will happen for everyone. I believe if they want to come in and give me a message for you, they will let me know and we will both feel a beautiful, soft, warm, unexplainable tingling sensation. If that happens, we will probably both be crying. But it will be the real deal and you surely will know it.  

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Please note:

My services are special, unique and authentic. I am here to genuinely help people with their heartache. I love and respect the gifts that I have inherently been born and blessed with.

You need to be completely open for a psychic reading, you never know what is going to come through me from Whispering Wisdom, usually a lot more than you expect. Remember I am a spiritual healer and your reading will incorporate all off the above and then some.

Don’t be surprised if I give you homework. If I feel you need that little extra to help to enlighten and empower your journey it will be given to you for you to better, yourself. It’s a case of help me help you. We are all a work in progress but if there is a way to speed up your spiritual and emotional healing, homework will be issued.

Besides it’s good for you to know you own your power and that you are the architect of your own design, you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. Helping you find your way back home to you is an important part of my work. I show you the way.




If you are not genuinely seeking guidance or you feel suspiciously sceptic, please do not use me, don’t try to test me by turning up closed off by acting impenetrable. I can read this straight away and I do not appreciate being played with and my guides insulted. Whispering Wisdom and I collectively will not want to give you anything. Please have respect, I am a highly sensitive empath, psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient. I fell everything on a very deep level.